“I hope in God it will be seen that women in time to come will do much.” 

-Mary Ward

Every year the Alumnae Association hosts one official alumnae event.

See event photos and archival school photos in our gallery.

Our Class Champions are a vital part of our Loretto Alumnae community. As a Class Champion, you will be the primary contact for classmates of your graduating year whether it be for Loretto Abbey or Loretto College School.
Even though you’ve hung up, passed down or lost track of your old uniform, we know you’re still proud to represent Loretto.

We’ve got some gear to help you support the alumnae association and rock the blue and whites.

Latest Blog Posts

Alumna Spotlight, Kayla Martinez, LCS 2012

At the College Loretto College provided me with the best experience. The school’s hospitality and dedication to its students helped me grow and progress into my post-secondary education. The kindness and compassion of my teachers guided me to also become teacher....

Alumna Spotlight, Anastasiya Dikaya, LAT 2011

At the Abbey I had a fantastic experience at the Abbey. I still look back and I’m baffled by feelings of winning the lottery in terms of having had such a great high school experience. My time there has definitely played a big part in shaping me into who I am today....

Support our Community

Every year our community grows and hundreds of young women graduate from our schools and move on to new challenges and adventures.  The Alumnae Association provides scholarships to these young women every year.  We also host alumnae events to keep our alumnae connected.

Help us to continue to support these young women embarking on their post-secondary education and create a network to support them in their careers.