Order of Mary Ward Award

This annual prestigious Loretto Alumnae award, named in honour of the IBVM foundress, is given to individuals who embody Mary Ward’s vision that “women in time to come will do much”. Recipients serve as role models for young women, having contributed to the spiritual well being of others through their ministry, community and involvement in issues of social justice.

Loretto Alumnae Awards

Each year the Loretto Alumnae Executive Committee distributes awards to graduate students at Loretto Abbey and Loretto College Schools.
The awards include:
Mother St. Margaret Kelly Educational Award – $500 scholarship

Administered through a separate Trust Fund – awarded to an outstanding student intending to pursue post-secondary education, who demonstrates outstanding achievement in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

*Sister Pauline Wilson Award – $500

A $500 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated high academic achievement and intends to pursue a post-secondary education. *The award alternates between Loretto Abbey and Loretto College graduates.

Mother Irma Long Award – $100 for Loretto Abbey School Only

This award is presented to a student of Loretto Abbey School who has demonstrated outstanding school spirit through exceptional participation in school activities.

Loretto Alumnae Award – $100

To a student who best exemplifies the spirit of Mary Ward & Loretto – leadership, loyalty and integrity and who has actively participated in school and Alumnae activities.

Graduation Awards 2018

The recipients for the Graduation Awards 2018 are:


Loretto Abbey
The Mother St. Margaret Kelly Award Kathleen Hart
The Mother Irma Long Award Sarah Mattacchione
The Sister Pauline Wilson Award Alessia Tamburro
The Loretto Alumnae Award Carmen Chiminski
Loretto College School
The Mother St. Margaret Kelly Award Mary Kate Balueta
The Loretto Alumnae Award Jazmine Catly