At the College

Loretto College provided me with the best experience. The school’s hospitality and dedication to its students helped me grow and progress into my post-secondary education. The kindness and compassion of my teachers guided me to also become teacher. Particularly, Ms. Kumara’s commitment to her students and her love of literature helped guide me to excel in my studies and to go on in my education, to the University of Toronto.

During most of my childhood, I could not read or write at grade level. When I finally reached high school the gap between my level and grade level had shortened, but I was still behind. Thanks to Ms. Kumara’s hard work and commitment to her students’ learning, I was not only able to finally reach grade level, but excel enough to be able to study at the University of Toronto. Having Ms. Kumara as my grade 11 and 12 English teacher helped prepare me for post-secondary and it helped blossom my love of literature.ngs.

Getting Personal

When I tell colleagues, old classmates, and friends about my personal life, I think they often wonder what kind of personal life I must have since I work so much. I am constantly dedicating myself to my work and to my professions. Particularly, I have been taking extra shifts during the Corona Virus outbreak in order to do my part, and to help ill and worried coworkers who can’t work. I have also extended my teaching services to tutoring, and I have also expanded my horizons by recently starting a position at a bank. When I do have a spare moment to myself, I tend to spend it enjoying a new book, especially by Canadian authors like Kelley Armstrong or Anthony De Sa, or listening to some new music by The Weeknd. When I’m not doing any of these things, then I’m usually having a good laugh with my sister Kathy and hanging out with some friends, enjoying some drinks and home cooked meals.

I have a passion for literature, but I am trying to explore more Canadian literature. With the rise of the show, The Handmaiden’s Tale, Canadian authors like Margaret Atwood have become more popular. I am interested to also explore how I can extend this passion to my students. I have found that many of my students do not like to read. I would like to find new ways to motivate students to become avid readers. I also have learned that I have a passion for medicine and science. Although I did not go to school for medicine I am eager to learn more and help those around me.

 Getting Professional

I recently graduated from the Masters of Teaching program at the University of Toronto, and I have started teaching in a Toronto school board. Ms. Kumara’s dedication inspired me to become a high school teacher and to continue to help students, like myself, who struggle with English. I have also started working in the health care industry, particularly I work on the front lines at a Covid assessment center in Toronto. Working in the health care industry has taught me a lot about hospital protocols and procedures, and also how the most vulnerable communities are impacted during a time of crisis like now. It has been inspiring to see how our beautiful city has come together to bond and help during this virus outbreak. In the future, I would like to combine both my passions for education and health care to potentially become a health care educator.