At the Abbey

So many memories! Summertime lunches in the Quad; trying out for soccer practice; ditching mass (oops!) to do homework in the cafeteria; decorating lockers for bithdays; receiving candy grams from friends at other TDCSB schools for $1 – that was our first taste of ’15 mins of fame’; the dreaded one mile run in gym class! And finally learning to be comfortable in my own skin, encouraged my so many other young women who were on similar journeys to find their place in life and with themselves. We were a collective supporting one another and inadvertently teaching each other lasting life lessons.

Mrs. Contway was my grade 9 and 11 English teacher.  She ran a tight ship but with a kindness and understanding that I admire to this day. She knew how to motivate you to get your best. I loved her classes and her – she was also easy to talk to

Getting Professional

I worked with a political research and data company for 15 years, traveling all across Canada gathering and analyzing voter and election data to teach candidates how to appeal to their constituents. After such a long tenure with that company, I moved into commercial real estate, working with a global REIT as a project manager implementing technology projects. Being a part of this organization, which acquired and divested multi-million dollar assets, whet my appetite for real estate. When I left, I started my own business as a residential real estate agent.

I’m passionate about travelling and teaching people how to achieve financial independence early! Especially young women.