At the Abbey

I had a fantastic experience at the Abbey. I still look back and I’m baffled by feelings of winning the lottery in terms of having had such a great high school experience. My time there has definitely played a big part in shaping me into who I am today. The support I received from friends and teachers had helped me be the best I could be. From math to science to art to extracurriculars, I look back on it all with such fondness! My favourite, however, was visiting again a few years later. It felt so lovely to be back and catch up with some of the wonderful teachers I had built friendships with as a student!

Getting Personal

I’m so excited to be done school soon and finally have time to learn about non-schooling related things. One of my favourite resources that I love to tell people about is “the Bible Project”. If you’re wanting to dig deeper into your faith and understand the Bible better, I’d highly recommend this absolutely free resource that’s available in podcasts, YouTube, online classroom form. Personally so excited to spend hours nerding out this summer ?. 

 Getting Professional

I am just about to finish my masters of clinical science in Audiology at the University of Western Ontario. Before this program, I had been at York University getting my bachelor of science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. When I had been putting together my application for grad school, I worked as an office manager and ballet instructor while also volunteering at Sick Kids hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital