It’s been nearly 20 years since my time at Loretto College School (LCS).

In my time, the school was located on Brunswick Ave., in the heart of the Annex in Toronto.  I met my best friends.  I discovered art.  I was a star athlete.  I learned that the stage was not my home (you can’t be good at everything).  I liked coming to school.

Then, like many of us, I went to University and got a job.  My visits to the school became less frequent.  Life went on.  Things got busy, as they do.  I decided one day that I should set some time aside to volunteer somewhere.  I wanted to choose a cause that I felt strongly about and where my skills could be used.  

After months of searching for the “right fit” I discovered the Loretto Alumnae Association.

I’m so glad that I did.

As I had been looking for an opportunity, the Executive Board had been searching for a LCS representative.  They welcomed my perspective, energy and initiatives with open minds and open arms.  Literally.  Hugs are definitely a thing at the meetings.

We have been able to work together to :

better integrate LCS

re-vamp the website

enrich our social media channels

facilitate online donations

create an online store for Loretto merchandise

The success of the past six months has rekindled my love for Loretto and our community.  There are so many women doing incredible things and the Alumnae Association gives us the opportunity to encourage, support and mentor each other.  

I look forward to growing and strengthening our community with you.  We have a number of new initiates on the go and I hope that you will continue to support us.  Heck, maybe you’ll even decide to volunteer! 

Thank you for being so welcoming, 


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