Camp White Pine

            With the start of the year, introducing the newest members of the LAT community, our grade nine students to the Loretto Abbey spirit is the first event of the year. With the grade separated into different colour teams, the girls are able to make friends for the rest of their high school years and learn about being a part of Loretto Abbey. This event is hosted by the LAT Student Council and each colour group is led by grade 12 student leaders — every year, Camp White Pine is always one for the books!

Glow Party School Dance

            The first school dance, hosted by the LAT Student Council is our first school celebration of the year. This year’s dance entitled “Glow Party” had loads of glow sticks, awesome music, and colours for everyone to enjoy. From new grade 9 students to graduating grade 12 students, a good time was had by all. 

Pasta Night

            This annual charity event brings the love of pasta, family, and tradition into the colder months of the year. Hosted by the Femia twins and the Daughters if the Immaculate Heart of Mary (D.I.H.M) club, every year, students cannot wait for this event to take place! With accordion playing, wonderful music, raffle prizes, and the majority of the staff in the kitchen, Pasta Night is a favourite school event.


A Storybook Christmas – Christmas Concert 2018

            The 13th annual Christmas Concert “A Storybook Christmas” was held on the 14th and 15th of December, 2018 in the school auditorium.  The LAT Music Program produced a concert that will never be forgotten.  The performance was filled with classical pieces, popular Christmas story medleys, highlighted by the vocal and band performances from grade nines, for the first time and grade twelves ending their last.  Raffles and prizes and home- made desserts and sweets, sponsored by the Loretto Music Parent Organization made this event most memorable, with over 400 tickets sold.  The memories of the grade twelve music students throughout their four years at the Abbey highlighted the Christmas spirit during the most joyous season of the year!

 Black History Month 2019

            An annual presentation created by the African Caribbean Students Association (ACSA), Black History Month 2019 was one to remember. With the students presenting songs, dances, and historic events, the struggles of this group of immigrants were clearly honoured during this important month. The guest speaker, a jazz singer and creator, Nicky Lawrence presented her story and showcased her talent. Overall, this event hosted by ACSA was another success.

LAT Coffeehouse

            The LAT Stop the Stigma Club is an organization focused on educating others on the importance of mental health, and the awareness of what the phrase ‘mental health’ means to our society today. The 2nd annual LAT Coffeehouse took place in March with students and teachers alike performing for a great cause. 

International Women’s Day

            International Women’s Day, an event coordinated by the Women’s Rights Club, presented prayers and thoughts on the rights that we, as young girls may take for granted, such as being allowed to even attend school. With pins, posters and awareness, Loretto Abbey was able to reflect on Mary Ward’s thoughts: “Women in time, will come to do much.”

Abbey FM – Spring Concert 2019

            The 13th annual Spring Concert: ABBEY FM was a major hit that skyrocketed to the top of the charts. With the show being entirely sold out, the LAT Music Program brought their listeners into a radio experience they’ll never forget. This was a great concert to bring the year to an end.

Multicultural Night 2019

            With all the cultural clubs of Loretto Abbey coming together for one night, Multicultural Night 2019 was filled with all walks of life, and lots of joy. From acts such as Salsa, the Thousand Hands Dance, and our teacher band, the auditorium was filled with the diversity we all love. This event truly shows that we are a community with a common unity.

LAT Relay For Life

            With this year’s first Relay For Life, Loretto Abbey was able to surpass their fundraising goal and raise more than $12,000. With all the proceeds in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, the students were able to help support cancer research to help find a cure for this most devastating disease.. The students, embellished in their team colours and face paint rallied together, walking 10 kilometres in support of this special event.

Mother Daughter Tea

            The annual Mother Daughter Tea is a special event where the Abbey girls cherish their mothers and important females role models in their lives. With a special Loretto Abbey touch, the women who stand behind the young women in our community are truly recognized.

Father Daughter BBQ

            The annual Father Daughter BBQ was a night filled with fun, burgers, hot dogs, and love for all the fathers and important male figures in students’ well-being. This annual event is a joyful one, right before the end of the school year.