At the College

From Rossini’s William Tell playing over the PA every morning to prom, I will always remember my time at Loretto with a whole heart. Grade 9 appreciation day was one of the most impressionable days of our lives! So naturally, I wore the most ridiculous ensemble thinking I was “cool”.
By grade 10 & 11, I was so involved in extra-curricular activities it was no wonder grade twelve creeped up so quickly. And just like that, there I was, MC of the prom. I can still remember the unsettled glares from the teachers as I sang ‘Johnny Appleseed’ rather than saying grace.
Graduation was like any other, robes, caps, and of course Mrs. Strazar wearing her bikini under her robe. Those are the kind of quirky things that made Loretto truly special. I’ll never forget my name being called for the student Alumni award. Suddenly that ridiculous outfit 4 years earlier made sense.

In Grade 9 Mrs. Strazar put me on the volleyball team by default. I was generally athletic, but I was just terrible at first. But she saw potential. That same year, I went from bench warmer to M.I.P and became captain & M.V.P by the following year. Ever since, volleyball has been and still is my favorite sport. I pursued varsity volleyball in college and even played competitively for
Ash Bridges Bay at the Toronto beach. If it were not for Mrs. Strazar believing in me, I would have never know my true potential and will always be grateful for her support.

Mr. Robinson; The only teacher who could make math fun. Every day before the class started, he would count down the years till his retirement until the very last second. It is because of his encouragement and quirky teaching methods that I got that 86% in math.
Lastly, I will always remember Mr. Lynch (the drama teacher). He could make any student laugh.
I will always remember his positivity and contagious “Dr. Hibbert” laugh.


My 4 years at Loretto College have come and gone but the memories will stay with me for life

 Getting Professional

Funny enough I’ve gone from hanging up one uniform to putting on another. For the last couple of years I’ve been working as a flight attendant with Air Canada and it has been unbelievable.

I’ve travelled all around the globe to places like Japan, China, Paris, England, Rome, Brazil, India, Israel, all over the States and all around Canada. I’ve learned so much about life and our beautiful world. Unfortunately with the recent pandemic, all of this has been put to a halt and I’ve been broadening my horizons in real-estate. This pandemic has deeply damaged the airline industry and has completely transformed travel. However, I am truly enlightened and grateful for the wonderful one of a kind experiences I’ve been blessed with.

Getting Personal

The best way I could recap what’s been going on in my personal life would be by showing them via social media and through videos and photos I have accumulated throughout my travels. I post most of my personal travel experiences and adventures and I think this would be the best way to really execute and summarize what my life has been like after Loretto.

I am passionate about travelling the world and learning as much as I can about the places I visit. I love meeting all kinds of people from around the globe and learning about their unique cultures and way of life directly from the source. You can never truly know what a place is like unless you really see it up close and personal.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and have mountain biked in places like Arizona and Costa Rica. I’ve bunked with the locals in Providencia de Dota (cloud forest in Costa Rica) and camped in an actual tepee in the middle of the Navaho Nation desert in Page Arizona. I have bungee jumped the highest drop in all of North America into a quarry in Gatineau Quebec and jogged across parts of the Great Wall of China.

I just cannot get enough of this world and I will continue to explore it with great passion for as long as I live.