At the Abbey:

Sheila credits the Abbey (and her parents) for her strong appreciation for the fine classic things in life: Art, history, Shakespeare, old houses, antiques fine wine and good liquor.

Getting Personal:

In a story often left for teen movies and not real life, Sheila married her high school sweetheart, Ken. They live happily in Beaverton in a beautiful old house on the river with their two children Erin and Andrew.

Getting Professional:

For 27 years Sheila worked in the Timeshare at Lagoon City located on Lake Simcoe. During this time, inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding her, Sheila dabbled in painting. Her artistic exploration began in watercolour, then acrylic and now oil painting
Her role as an artist grew so that when her job ended 6 years ago, she was able to transition smoothly into a successful full-time career as an artist. Her work has a strong organic feel to it, indicative of the natural landscape she paints. Foremost she is known for the energy she pours into each work to capture the chaotic vibrancy of mother earth. Sheila is currently an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists and the Ontario Society of artists.

Her work can be found in several Galleries including Canvas Gallery in Toronto and In2art in Oakville among others.

Getting Connected:
@sdavisartist on Instagram and Pinterest