At the College

I loved LCS. Best decision was going there. LCS helped me discover whom I was as an individual and helped me become comfortable in my own skin and to not worry about what others thought of me, but to worry about what I think of myself. LCS helped me become the women I am today! Not having boys around was the icing on the cake. Everyone is intimated to be who they really are when males are around, so I think that was a major factor in helping me become the independent fierce woman I am now.

 Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Denisco, Mrs. Kearns and Mrs. Strazar were my favourite teachers. They each helped me achieve goals I never thought I could achieve, and really helped me discover, wow, I’m pretty smart. GO ME. The art of Drama, English, Math and Exercise.

 My favourite memories were those incredible Euro Trips offered by Strazar. She was AMAZING to travel with, she truly made something educational into something so incredible. I had the opportunity to go on two trips with her and they were the best vacations I have ever gone.

Mr. Lynch went above and beyond to encourage and support me!

I sing, I enjoy it, and I guess I’m semi good at it. Well Mr. Lynch found out about this and he heard me sing and he loved it so much he started sending me articles of Musical auditions in the city and helped try to get me started in performances.

I signed up for a musical audition, made it to the 2nd round, but couldn’t get passed the vigorous dancing portion of it. But his support and his encouragement got me through that front door! And I am forever grateful for that. He helped give me confidence that I forgot I even had. And it was truly an amazing feeling having a teacher really believe in your abilities and support you! He truly went above and beyond.

Getting Personal

What have you been up to?

Finish high school, become a Law Clerk, become a commissioner, find the love of my life, get engaged, marry the love of my life, open a craft business, and now wait for something new and exciting to come a knocking on my door.

Getting Professional

I am now a Law Clerk with a mid-sized law firm in Toronto. I currently am a member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario and am a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in the Province. Fun fact, I started working in my field while I was in high school. I started off as a legal assistant at a small firm beside the school, and it just continued to grow from there. Who would’ve thought I’d be where I am today, I didn’t even take Law class at LCS cause I wasn’t interested in it. Oh how the tables have turned.


I have a passion for fashion. No I’m just playing around I just wanted to say that cause it sounded cool. I have 0 fashion sense. Always did, always will.
BUT I do have a passion for love, crafting, and singing