Ida  graduated Loretto College School in 1975. She remembers how the Loretto high school experience was special and cherishes her time in a small school attached to a convent and considers herself blessed to be a Loretto girl.

“I always admired Marlyn Bell. I thought it was absolutely amazing that she went to my school. When I past her picture in the hall of the convent I would stare at it in disbelief.  I told so many people that Marlyn Bell went to my school.  I was so proud.”

Getting Personal:

Ida currently lives in Richmond Hill with her husband, daughter and their cat Oscar.  She has three children, two of whom are on the autism spectrum.  Ida is extremely proud of them as they are doing well.

Ida’s passions are gardening, animals and the outdoors

Gardening tip:
Fall is a great time for gardener! One  tip it is a good idea to leave the last roses on the plant, then the plant will go dormant for the season. The buds that for once the flowers dry  are rose hips which can be used to make teas to help with colds.

Getting Professional:

Ida volunteered 9 summers at a wildlife rehabilitation centre before starting a job with a veterinary clinic.  Ida then spent 14 years working for the school board as an educational assistant which she found extremely rewarding. She retired last September.