Loretto Alumnae Awards

Loretto Alumnae Awards

Each year the Loretto Alumnae Executive Committee distributes awards to graduate students at Loretto Abbey and Loretto College Schools.

The awards include:

Mother St. Margaret Kelly Educational Award
Administered through a separate Trust Fund - a $500 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student intending to pursue post-secondary education, who demonstrates outstanding achievement in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

Mother Irma Long Award

A $100 award is presented to a student of Loretto Abbey School who has demonstrated outstanding school spirit through exceptional participation in school activities.


Sister Pauline Wilson Award

A $500 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated high academic achievement and intends to pursue a post-secondary education. The award alternates between Loretto Abbey and Loretto College graduates.

Loretto Alumnae Award 

Recognizes a high academic achieving student and involvement in extra-curricular activities, who has chosen to pursue her studies at the College.  Rotates each year from Loretto Abbey to Loretto College.

Loretto Abbey:                                                             Loretto College:    

Mother St. Margaret Kelly Award  Rosemary Jose          Mother St. Margaret Kelly Award   Jennifer Duarte Vitorino

Mother Irma Long Award             Meghan Keegan         Sister Pauline Wilson Award          Iolanda Rosa Ricci

Loretto Alumnae Award               Alexandra Lunetta     Loretto Alumnae Award                Isabella Maria Teresa Logozzo